Take the guesswork out of breeding




Once a day during breeding times, you take a reading for about 20 seconds, and the Ovascan displays a number. A few days before ovulation the readings will start to drop letting you know it is almost time to breed.

With the Ovascan ovulation monitor from Animark, you can expect:

  • Up to five days advance notice of ovulation
  • 98% accurate at predicting ovulation
  • An increase in breeding productivity
  • Reduced wear on your bull or stallion
  • When using AI, to save on valuable semen

The Animark’s ovulation detection technology is based on a well documented fact that the chemical and electrical characteristics of mucus in a healthy animal’s vagina will change in a predictable pattern from the beginning to the end of an ovulation cycle. It has been established that, as a result of the cyclic hormonal changes, there are also changes in ion concentration within the vaginal and cervical mucus of most mammals. By measuring and recording these changes in ion concentration, you can predict and confirm ovulation.

The Ovascan accurately measures these changes and displays them as a number. By tracking these readings, you can effectively identify when ovulation is expected to take place as well as identifying when ovulation has taken place. This allows you time to plan for the insemination. With the Ovascan’s ease of use, you can identify all of your animal’s’ reproductive cycles easily. Incorporated into a well-managed breeding program, the Ovascan will prove to be an invaluable tool for years to come.

The egg is viable for fertilization for only a few hours once released. This can be as few as 8 hours. If the egg is not fertilized within this time, you will have to wait for another cycle. Using the Ovascan to predict and identify when your animal has ovulated will reduce covers, and improve pregnancy rates.

Download the Ovascan Owner’s Manual



Enhance your breeding program by knowing the exact optimum time to breed.

The Ovascan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee (15% restocking) and a full two-year warranty.

Your purchas includes the Ovascan, sensor , charger, carrying case, carrying strap, rechargeable batteries, owner’s manual, and training video.

Length 5.5 Inches; Width 5 7/8 inches; Height 3 1/2 inches; 2 pounds